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Optical Design Engineering Services

Photonic Design Services

Engaging our photonic design services follows familiar business practices which are outlined in bulleted form below.

Initial contact via e-mail or telephone
    Preliminary discussions of optical design/evaluation requirements
    Non-Disclosure Agreement is discussed and executed (if desired)

Project Proposal with a Cost Estimate and Preliminary Schedule is Prepared
    All Project Proposals and Cost Estimates are prepared free of charge and carry no obligation
    All rights to intellectual property and resulting optical designs are the property of the client

Three types of contracts are supported by OPS

Fixed Price Contract
Contract is based on achieving milestones then reporting to the client
Client is invoiced after each milestone is reached.
Payment is due upon receipt of invoice
Client can terminate contract at any time with written notice
Percentage of total estimated cost is paid at the beginning of the contract
Material purchases required to complete work for client will be reimbursed by client

Hourly Rate Contract
Optical design and simulation work is provided at an hourly rate
Reporting and discussion of results occurs at any time required by client
Payment schedule to be retainer based with the first installment non-refundable.
Material purchases required to complete work for client will be reimbursed by client

Intellectual Property / Royalty Based Contract
Optical design and simulation work is provided for a negotiated percentage of royalty and/or intellectual property rights of client’s proposed product.
Contact OPS for further details

Optimized Photonic Systems, Inc. maintains current versions of Zemax-EE for optical design work and Mathematica for rigorous analytical and advanced graphing applications. OPS will expand it’s software suite as necessary to accommodate clients’ requirements. Under special arrangement OPS will perform optical design and simulation with software packages specified by our clients.

Optimized Photonic Systems, Inc. looks forward to satisfying your optical design and evaluation needs. For more information on our photonic design services please continue through our website or to discuss your specific concerns please contact us at:


Optimized Photonic Systems, Inc.
610 Township Line Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Phone: 908.359.5851