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About OPS - Optimized Photonic Systems

Our Mission:

Optimized Photonic Systems, Inc. will provide optical design, optimization  and evaluation services to clients in need of cost effective, project based photonics support.  OPS will adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and will provide superior customer service while delivering results which will delight our clients.

Clients Who Would Benefit from Our Photonic Design Services Include:

Engineers: Today’s engineering departments are very lean. Engineers are expected to be cross-functional. Any engineer may have to design a lens or an optical fiber coupling scheme for a project which does not have enough “need” to justify a full time optical engineer. While optical design software has become easier to use the learning curve is still very steep. Also, when a package is learned there is often insufficient experience to interpret results. Finally, the infrequent optical demands on the engineer means that the learning curve is always revisited.

Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurial firms innovating photonic designs face much the same dynamic – individual entrepreneurs/inventors have an even greater disadvantage due to the high price of optical simulation software and often have even fewer resources.

Investors: Investors considering an optical technology will need performance analysis support to gauge how their technology would perform against the competition in the marketplace. This analysis would reduce the risk to their investment.

OPS Differentiates its Optical Engineering Services from the Competition Through Our:

Photo of a Computer Focus: OPS works only on optical design and simulation. We keep our edge by never losing our edge. This results in time savings which translates to a cost savings to our clients.

Cost-Effectiveness: OPS consists of photonic design and simulation experts combining years of experience with low operating costs. This allows our services to be extremely cost competitive!

Photo of Two Business Men TalkingCustomer Service: OPS recognizes that personal customer service is the only way to do business. We partner with our clients closely until the completion of their contract. We interact fully with our clients to transfer results into their CAD packages and also fully support optical sourcing and fabrication efforts as requested.

OPS Offers Experience in Many Areas of Optical Design:

Newtonian reflectors
Schmidt-Cassegrain compound optical systems
Refracting telescopes
Microscope imaging optics
Projection display optics,
LCD computer backlight systems,
Rear mounted LED backlights for LCD TV,
LED arrays for color mixing,
Micro-optic arrays for wide angle viewing elements,
Novel diffuser designs
Light extraction microstructures,
Single mode integrated optics in Lithium Niobate,
High precision fiber optic gyros,
Sagnac interferometers to eliminate amplifier noise,
Waveguide based bio-sensors, and more.

Please contact us to discuss your application!

Founder’s Resume

Photo of Founder, K.Peter Dimitrov-KuhlOptimized Photonic Systems, Inc. was officially founded in 2006 by Klaus-Peter Dimitrov-Kuhl, an optical physicist with over twenty years experience in optical technology and technology program management. Mr. Dimitrov-Kuhl’s experience has spanned work with conventional imaging optics, integrated optics in lithium niobate and ion-exchanged glass, fiber optic sensors, LED based backplanes, illumination systems and packaging of optoelectronic devices and systems. Mr. Dimitrov-Kuhl has founded Optimized Photonic Systems, Inc. to pursue his interest for optical design, simulation and mathematical modeling by providing the services described in this website. His short resume follows below.


Highly motivated engineer with twenty years experience in optical display, illumination and sensor technology.
Very experienced in designing and simulating optical systems using Zemax, Light Tools and Mathematica software packages.
As Program Manager provided optical simulation and design for contract packaging of proprietary optical products.
Served as Director of Optical Engineering driving consumer display screen technology for a start-up company.
Strong written and verbal communication skills.
Easygoing and patient personality. A committed team player.

Technical Innovation
Designed and prototyped micro-optic elements for Digital Light Projection (DLP) viewing screens.
Developed and simulated extruded micro-structures to improve performance of Osram SIDELED driven LCD backlight units without using diffusers or Brightness Enhancement Films.
Simulated customer Back Light Units to provide models for performance improvements.
Performed illuminance uniformity simulations on commercial and proprietary diffusers using customer supplied LED parameters.
Simulated coupling of laser diodes into cylindrical lens and high NA multimode fiber.
Determined design rules for plastic multimode fiber to be used in backplane applications.
Created new sensor designs and project proposals which utilized proprietary photopolymers for manufacture of optical sensors and medical micro-capillaries.
Developed and manufactured lithium niobate optical circuits for use in tactical and precision grade fiber optic rotation rate sensors (gyros).
Derived a successful mathematical model to explain “Dead-Zone” and PSD noise in fiber optic gyroscopes.

As Program Manager directed and participated in optical, mechanical and thermal design and modeling to produce packaging solutions for optical products.
Served as Director of Optical Engineering innovating consumer projection and LCD display components for a start-up company.
Performed performance analysis of competitors’ products using Light Tools optical simulation package.
Reported program status and gave technical presentations to customers.
Generated Microsoft Project schedules to drive programs and track performance.
Traveled to Asia to develop relationships with customers.
Investigated and procured specialized technology to support programs.
Wrote technical tutorials to support corporate marketing and patenting activity.
Managed and supported employees in the manufacture and testing of lithium niobate fiber optic gyroscope processing chips.
Provided status reports and presentations for fiber optic gyro business unit which addressed technical issues and concerns.

2007 – Present
2006 - 2006
2004 – 2005
1985 – 2004

   President   Optimized Photonic Systems, Inc., Belle Mead, NJ
   Program Manager   Avo Photonics, Horsham, PA
   Director of Optical Engineering   Pekoma, Inc., Eatontown, NJ
   Senior Staff Engineer   Honeywell, Inc., Morristown, NJ

M.S. – Engineering Optics   Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, NJ
B.S. – Physics   Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ

Society for Information Display
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Optical Society of America
National Society of Inventors

Author of two disclosures on novel backlight unit illumination technology and co-author of novel UV light source disclosure for roll-to-roll converting applications.
High Performance Proton-Exchanged Lithium Tantalate (LiTaO3) Devices for Integrated Optical Sensor Applications. With Wong, K. K.; Palanisamy, T. G.: Van de Vaart, H. Applied Physics Lab., Allied-Signal, Inc., Morristown, NJ, USA Proc. SPIE-Int Soc. Opt. Eng. (1990), 1177 ( Integr. Opt. Optoelectron.), 40-47.

1998 AlliedSignal Premier Achievement Award for “Amplified Spontaneous Emission Light Sources for Fiber Optic Gyros”.
1993 AlliedSignal Technical Achievement Award for “Integrated Optic Devices for Fiber Optic Gyros”.

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Optimized Photonic Systems, Inc. looks forward to satisfying your optical design and evaluation needs. For more information on our photonic design services please continue through our website or to discuss your specific concerns please contact us at:


Optimized Photonic Systems, Inc.
610 Township Line Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Phone: 908.359.5851